Congratulations to the winners of the first annual NeurOlympics!

Team Homunculi (left to right: Jacob Lafo, Joe Gullett, Chris Sege, Kaitlyn Powers, Paul Mangal & Tanisha Hill-Jarrett (not pictured)) edged out the other two teams to become the first ever winners of this student organized competition that tests neural knowledge. The event was sponsored by the UF Association of Neuropsychological Students in Training (ANST) and the Student Functional Connectivity Group.

The other teams were also composed of graduate students, and the competition was quite close:

Team Putawomen: Nadine Schwab, Amanda Garcia, Janelle Letzen, Kelsey Thomas, Peter Nguyen, Kristin Moffett
Team Corpus Callawesome: Talia Seider, Aliyah Snyder, Jacob Jones, Josh Kirton, Dana Szeles, Callie Beck-Dunn