Larry Keen II, Ph.D., awarded NIDA Diversity Supplement

Larry Keen II, Ph.D., was chosen for the National Institute of Drug Abuse Diversity Supplement to fund his Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Department of Clinical and Health Psychology.

This training award is mentored by Dr. William Latimer, who is the principal investigator on the parent R01, Four-Arm Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) of Brief Motivational Interviewing vs. Couples-Based HIV and sexually transmitted infection prevention utilizing the integrated family cognitive behavioral therapy (IFCBT) in South Africa (1R01DA029894). This RCT tests the efficacy of two empirically validated interventions, BMI and IFCBT in combination and alone against a comparison condition to reduce incidences of HIV and sexually transmitted infections and drug use in Sub Saharan African countries. This supplement will fund Dr. Keen’s travel to South Africa to be trained in IFCBT and adapt a culturally relevant IFCBT-based intervention for Heterosexual African American men. The supplement also provides support to attend conferences and workshops. Ultimately, Dr. Keen II will aid in the validation and implementation of IFCBT based interventions in HIV and drug dependent populations in Southern African and eventually the United States.