Lizabeth Jordan, M.S., awarded Health Sciences Student Fellowship

Lizabeth Jordan, M.S.,  is a fifth-year doctoral student in CHP, studying Clinical Pediatric Neuropsychology. Lizabeth was awarded The Health Sciences Student Fellowship from the national Epilepsy Foundation to conduct her original research on the memory performance profiles of pediatric epilepsy patients.  The Epilepsy Foundation provides training grants and fellowships to basic, clinical, and behavioral scientists at the start of their careers.  The Health Sciences Student Fellowship is a competitive award designed to support promising pre-doctoral candidates in their pursuit to better understand epilepsy in a research or clinical setting.  Lizabeth is a member of Dr. Shelley Heaton’s research lab at the University of Florida, where they focus on research questions in pediatric neuropsychology, traumatic brain injury (TBI) across the lifespan, and general measurement issues in neuropsychology.