Peter Lang, Ph.D., PHHP 30 Year Service Award

Peter J. Lang is Graduate Research Professor in the Departments of Clinical and Health Psychology, Psychiatry, and Neuroscience, and Director of the UF Regents Center for the Study of Emotion and Attention. He is a former faculty member at the University of Pittsburgh, and at the University of Wisconsin where he held the Clark Leonard Hull Chair in Psychology. Professor Lang has received Distinguished Scientist awards from the Society for Psychophysiological Research and from the Society for a Science of Clinical Psychology.  In 1993, he was given the American Psychological Associations highest award for Distinguished Scientific Contributions. He has received four honorary doctorates– from the Universities of Uppsala, Sweden; Granada, Spain; Tübingen, Germany; Jaumé 1, Spain.

There are well over 200 research and theoretical articles, books, and chapters in Professor Langʼs bibliography, and he is in that select group of “most cited” authors in the fieldof psychology and psychiatry ( His research has received continuous grant support from the National Institute for Mental Health for more than 50 years. These grants included prestigious MERIT and Career Development awards, and 15-year support for a basicbehavioral/neuroscience translational Center (P50). Research conducted in Dr. Langʼs laboratory has included a broad range of studies, examining brain and body reactions in emotion as they modulate attention, perception, learning, and memory imagery. Current work isdedicated to adapting this new knowledge to advance diagnosis and treatment of anxiety andmood disorders, with a focus on analyzing the neural circuits mediating fear and distress.