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The Center for Cognitive Aging and Memory benefits from shared resources through the Department of Clinical and Health Psychology, the McKnight Brain Institute and other departments:

  • Clinical research assessment facility specialized in assessments relevant to cognition, memory and performance outcomes.
  • Human electrophysiology facilities including EEG, ERP, ECG, EMG, galvanic skin response, and an isolated and sound attenuated Faraday chamber.
  • Non-invasive brain stimulation facilities and equipment, including transcranial magnetic stimulation with MRI-guided neuronavigation, transcranial direct current stimulation (MRI compatible, high definition, and clinical trial blinded devices), transcranial alternating current stimulation, and transcranial random noise stimulation equipment.
  • Neuroimaging Center: Magnetic Resonance and PET imaging facilities at the University of Florida. A research dedicated 3T scanner is available in the McKnight Brain Institute for human studies, supported by a full time MR physicist, MR technologist, and research assistants.
  • Several MR scanners with larger magnets, including a 17T system for molecular imaging are available for basic neuroscience applications.
  • Structural, functional and physiological/metabolic neuroimaging (e.g., FMRI, DTI, ASL, MRS). Neuroimaging analysis laboratory containing multiple workstations and programs.
  • Biological specimen repository and laboratory for processing and analysis; brain bank.
  • Recruitment and retention facility and mechanisms for telephone screening area, a mass-mailing area, a transportation van and interview rooms for screening.
  • Behavioral and lifestyle modification intervention facility for implementing intervention studies that involve cognitive training, physical activity, diet, and behavioral counseling resources. This area includes a walking track, physical exercise devices, activity rooms and counseling meeting rooms.
  • Laboratory of epidemiology. The laboratory maintains electronic data sets of epidemiological studies, clinical trials and administrative databases involving older adults, which are available for data analyses by affiliated researchers.
  • Center for Cognitive Aging and Memory database, housing clinical, cognitive and behavioral, neuroimaging, and laboratory data.
  • Interdisciplinary cognitive aging and memory clinic which provides specialized consult care.
  • McKnight Brain Institute laboratories.
  • Affiliated faculty from multiple disciplines and departments, including neurology, psychiatry, neuropsychology, behavioral medicine, MR physics, computational neuroscience, biostatistics.