Zachary Mannes, M.S.

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Zach Mannes is a second year graduate in the department of Clinical and Health Psychology. Zach graduated from Virginia Tech in May 2014 with Bachelor of Science degrees in both psychology and human development. His academic interests lie in clinical health/medical psychology, with a research focus on examining correlates of substance use in underrepresented populations. Over the next several years he hopes to further his training in the translational biopsychosocial sciences related to substance use. In the future he would like to work in an academic center, with a strong focus on developing behavioral interventions to reduce substance misuse and improve health outcomes in underrepresented populations. In his free time Zach enjoys napping, traveling, hanging out with friends, and watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy on a continuous loop.

Research Interests

Zach is a member of the Intervention Research Advancing Care Equity (i-RACE) lab under the mentorship of Dr. Nicole Whitehead. He currently studies correlates of substance use in people living with HIV, specifically the association between affective states, heavy drinking, and illicit drug use. Zach has previously examined the relationship between loneliness and substance misuse, and has studied health behaviors of HIV-positive older adult individuals within distinct age cohorts.

Peer Reviewed Publications

Mannes, Z., Burrell, L.E., Bryant V., Dunne E., Hearn, L.E., Whitehead, N.E. (2015).  “Loneliness and Substance Use: The Influence of Gender among HIV+ Black/African American Adults 50+.” AIDS Care, DOI:10.1080/09540121.2015.1120269

Manuscripts Under Review

Mannes, Z., Burrell, L.E., Hearn, L.E., & Whitehead, N.E. (Under Review). Contextualizing Psychosocial Functioning by Age Cohorts Among HIV+ Older Adults 50 and Older. Submitted to Aging and Health.

Manuscripts in Preparation

Burrell, L. E., Mannes, Z., & Whitehead, N. E. (In preparation). The Association between Cannabis, Anger and Gender: Implications for Medication Adherence among Underserved HIV+ African-American Adults 50 and older.

Whitehead, N.E., Bryant, V., Mannes, Z., Cook, R., Hearn, L.E. (In preparation). “Value of Perceived Support on Depressive Symptoms and Heavy Drinking among Underserved HIV+ Adults 50 and Older.”

Courses Taught

Graduate Teaching Assistant: University of Florida Department of Occupational Therapy (Spring 2016)

Applied Human Development 2

Graduate Teaching Assistant: University of Florida Department of Behavioral and Health Sciences (Spring 2016)
Introduction to Health Professions