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Doctoral Student Awarded ADRC Pilot Grant

Published: Feb 9th, 2018

Andrea Mejia and one of her mentors, Dr. Melissa Armstrong of the UF Department of Neurology, have been awarded a 1Florida ADRC pilot grant. Congratulations to Dr. Armstrong and Ms. Mejia […]


Predoctoral Series: Stroke Language Disturbance / Parkinson’s Motivational Disturbances

Published: Jan 22nd, 2018

Language Disturbance Following Stroke in Middle Age: A Case Study A translational approach to motivational disturbances in Parkinson’s disease (Friday Colloquium – January 26, 2018 ~ 12:00 PM ~ HPNP G-301)


Intern Research Series: Beyond Race and Ethnicity / Health Counseling Training Experiences / Optimism and Depression

Published: Jan 8th, 2018

Beyond Race and Ethnicity: A Cultural Framework for Health Relationships Among Health Counseling Training Experiences and Time Engaged in Counseling, Percentage of Patients Counseled, Practitioner Confidence and Perceived Importance Optimism […]

Doctoral Student Awarded International Fellowship

Published: Dec 5th, 2017

Liselotte de Wit has been awarded an international fellowship from Alzheimer Netherlands.

Doctoral student wins research award

Published: Nov 27th, 2017

Jessica Zakrzewski has been selected for the 2018 Student Liaison Committee Research Award

2017 Fall Student Research Symposium

Published: Nov 27th, 2017

On November 17th, the Department’s second year students presented their Masters Research to the CHP community. Presenter Faculty Mentor Presentation Title Molly Basch David M. Janicke, Ph.D., ABPP  The Impact […]

Doctoral student is three-time award winner

Published: Nov 14th, 2017

Allyson Diggins (mentor: Nicole Ennis, Ph.D.) has won the Dissertation Research Award from the American Psychological Association (APA), along with two other recent awards.

CHP doctoral student wins another award for dissertation research

Published: Nov 2nd, 2017

Jacqueline Maye has won a dissertation research award for her mindfulness study.

CHP doctoral student wins multiple awards

Published: Nov 2nd, 2017

Marie Chardon has won both a dissertation research award and a student research award. 

Predoctoral Series: Parkinson’s Disease / Brain Health

Published: Oct 30th, 2017

A translational approach to motivational disturbances in Parkinson’s disease Brain Health Community Service and Engagement: How You Can Get Involved (Friday Colloquium – November 3, 2017 ~ 12:00 PM ~ Communicore […]