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Christopher Sozda, M.S., Recipient – 2011 APA Directorate’s Dissertation Research Award

Published: Dec 12th, 2011

Christopher Sozda is a fifth-year graduate student in CHP. His research and training is focused in the area of neuropsychology and clinical-cognitive neuroscience.

Megan Crawford, M.S., Honorable Mention for APA Division 54 Grant Award

Published: Nov 30th, 2011

Megan Crawford is a fourth year graduate student in CHP.  Her research and training is primarily focused in the area of pediatric psychology.   The Executive Committee of the Society of […]

Peter Lang, Ph.D., PHHP 30 Year Service Award

Published: Nov 29th, 2011

During it’s annual Faculty/Staff Appreciation Dinner, to take place on Thursday, December 1st, the College of Public Health and Health Professions will be be acknowledging Dr. Lang’s 30 years of service.

Ronald H. Rozensky, PhD. APA Award Article Published in “American Psychologist”

Published: Nov 28th, 2011

2011 CHP Fall Symposium

Published: Nov 27th, 2011

2nd Year Graduate Students present MS Theses Projects.

Aubrey Daniels, PhD

Aubrey C. Daniels PhD. Guest Speaker

Published: Nov 26th, 2011

Aubrey C. Daniels, Ph.D., is the world’s foremost authority on applying the scientifically-proven laws of human behavior to the workplace.

Samuel F. Sears, PhD. 2011 Clinical and Health Psychology Outstanding Alumnus

Samuel F. Sears, PhD. 2011 Clinical and Health Psychology Outstanding Alumnus

Published: Nov 25th, 2011

Dr. Sears is currently a Professor in the Departments of Psychology and Cardiovascular Sciences at East Carolina University. He also serves as the Director of Health Psychology. Dr. Sears is a […]

Dan Shapiro, Ph.D. Inaugural PHHP Distinguished Lecture Series (Flyer)

Published: Nov 9th, 2011

“What Patients Aren’t Telling Us Because We’re Listening in the Wrong Places:
Patients as Teachers, Health Trainees as Filmmakers, and the Video Slam”

Ronald Rozensky, Ph.D.

Ronald Rozensky, PhD. APA Award for Distinguished Professional Contributions to Institutional Practice

Published: Nov 8th, 2011

The award recognizes outstanding practitioners in psychology. Awardees are psychologists working in a wide variety of institutional practice settings (e.g. schools, military, state hospitals, Department of Veterans Affairs, etc.) Services […]

William Latimer, Ph.D., M.P.H.

PHHP Names New Department Chair William W. Latimer, Ph.D., M.P.H.

Published: Nov 7th, 2011

Leading drug dependence and infectious disease epidemiologist William W. Latimer, Ph.D., M.P.H., has been named chair of the department of clinical and health psychology at the University of Florida College […]